#32 - Gun control talk ensues after shootings over long weekend, mentally insane person may be able to walk freely


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Guns, guns guns! That is the talk of the town not only in the U.S. but as well north of the border, specifically here in Toronto. 14 shootings occurred over the long weekend into as late Monday night. Again, Mayor John Tory is advocating for handgun bans, Temba explains the gun laws and restrictions already in place and why a handgun ban will not work to reduce crime. A man who stabbed three Canadian soldiers at a military center will not face any charges for his crimes and may be able to go out to walk freely in the public again. Temba explains why people with extreme mental health issues who do these heinous acts need to face the consequences. A Toronto researcher named Kang Lee is developing an app to monitor your blood pressure, the way that it will be monitored is simple and something that pretty much everyone does nowadays.

1925 August 8 First automatic traffic signal begins operation at the intersection of Yonge Street and Bloor Street.

1927 August 6 The new (present-day) Union Station is open.

1951 August 9 Canada Life Building's weather beacon begins operation.

1995 August 11 The Russell Hill subway accident occurs.

2008 August 10 Toronto propane explosion occurs

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