American Express Cancels Account of Hardcar & CEO Todd Kleperis, the Largest Cannabis & Cash Delivery and Security Company in the United States


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Todd Kleperis, CEO of Hardcar, the largest provider of security and logistics for cannabis companies. With operations in 15 states they provide cash and cannabis delivery services at scale for cannabis producers. American Express recently cancelled their account and the reasoning was because of cannabis being a Schedule I narcotic. If a company like Hardcar, an expert in regulatory compliance and the largest provider of financial security services is under attack from AMEX then everyone is at risk. Todd and Hardcar are not going to take this laying down and have secured the services of Florida’s top cannabis attorney, Michael Minardi to fight this in court. Todd joins Robert Roundtree to discuss the situation and we are calling on everyone to help join the fight as it unfolds in the Florida court system. This is an issue that affects everyone from the consumer to the producers.

The cannabis industry is at war with the traditional banking sector to be treated like any other business, and have access to the same financial services that are commonplace for businesses. These issues have plagued the legal medical marijuana and adult use cannabis industry since inception. The next episode is with Michael Minardi to discuss the state of the cannabis industry and the case involving Hard Car.

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