Giving Wildlife a Second Chance: Rescue, Rehab & Release


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We humans have a habit of getting in the way of wild animals, but wildlife rehab is one way we can give back. Sirena Rana Dufault has spent nine of the last ten years volunteering at Wildlife Rehabilitation Northwest Tuscon. She shares why it's needed, what happens when an animal is taken in, funny stories along the way, and the beauty of the release.

As Sirena mentions in the episode, Wildlife Rehabilitation Northwest Tuscon is a completely self-funded facility that relies on donations. If you'd like to help support the work they do there, head to their website and donate, or give them a follow on their Facebook page to stay in touch.

Woman featured in this episode: Sirena Rana Dufault

Hosted by Gale Straub

Sponsored by Merrell and Ritual

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Sirena got started volunteering at Wildlife Rehabilitation Northwest Tuscon
  • What wildlife rehabilitation is and why it's necessary
  • Funny (and scary!) stories from volunteering
  • Why Sirena loves dedicating some of her spare time to rehabilitating large birds of prey like owls and perigrine falcons
  • The life cycle from intake to release
  • When release back into the wild isn't possible
  • Myths and misconceptions of animal rescue
  • How to get involved, too!


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