Motivation vs. Discipline


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Hey monkiis, monkii Dan here. In this episode, I explore the differences between motivation and discipline. The whole idea was spurred by the Wild monkii Ken (@brock_blades on Instagram) who commented on a post I had made a few days back. In hindsight, I was overvaluing motivation when the reality is that discipline is what actually gets you off the couch to train or out the door for an adventure. Motivation is exciting and easy. Discipline is hard and doesn't always feel 'good'. What is critically important to understand is that only one of these qualities contains action.

monkii Ken's comment:I get inspiration from seeing other folks crushing a workout or doing some difficult move that I want to try. I’m a little different on motivation though. A lot of guys at work as me how I’m motivated to be in the gym every morning before work and I reply, “I’m not.” For me it’s not motivation, it’s discipline. If I allow motivation to be a part of it, I probably would not show up. One of the guys at work just bought a Pocket Monkii and Isocore. I told him not to rely on motivation but instead make the workout a part of his day just like brushing his teeth, getting dressed, etc.

Keep the monkii-psych high, but don't forget to DO.

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