monkii 360 and Training in the Wild. Simulcast with Sean Sewell from Engearment.


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Hey monkiis,

This episode has been a long time coming. I was pumped to sit down in a cathedral-esc sounding room with Sean Sewell of and Colorado Personal Fitness. Sean is a fitness expert and full-on Colorado mountain man. The first time we met was up around 12,000 feet in the Rockies for a backcountry splitboarding + monkii workout. That day is still one of my best powder days in Colorado and I can't wait for round 2.

Check out the video:

Sean and I talk about the upcoming release of monkii 360 on September 10, 2019 via Kickstarter. This is our best product yet and we cannot wait to get the wildness into the hands of monkiis across the globe.

We also talk training which I love to talk about with Sean. He is so open-minded and anti-dogmatic. Instead, he takes the best practices from a variety of training disciplines and is always looking to learn and get better.

Thanks for tuning in and stay wild monkiis!-monkii Dan

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