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Hey monkiis,

I just finished chatting with the Wildman and OG monkii Stevie Richards. You may recognize Stevie from the WWE and ECW (to name a few). Stevie is the host if the Stevie Richards Broadcast and the Stevie Richards YouTube channel. More on Stevie: He is a 2-time ECW World Tag Team Champion, numerous championships from wrestling companies around the world and 22-time WWE Hardcore Champion- the most of any other wrestler in WWE history. He would also go on to appear in several WrestleManias; the WWE’s equivalent of the Super Bowl and be voted as one of the Top 50 “Most Jacked” Superstars in WWE History. Like I said, a Wildman.

We talk about a ton of different topics from monkii 360, training philosophies, exercises modalities, mindset, and motivation (to name a few). Thanks for coming along for the journey!

monkii 360 launches on Kickstarter in 4 days! Be there at 10am EST on 9/10/2019 to get yours.

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