#26 Changing Lives Through Digital Inclusion with Helen Milner OBE


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Find out how a girl who was dreaming of becoming Prime Minister ended up leading a digital and social inclusion movement in the UK and beyond.

Helen Milner OBE is the Chief Executive at Good Things Foundation, a social change charity that is driving social and digital inclusion. They support excluded people to become digitally able and active and apply their knowledge in all aspects of their lives, including health, getting a job and growing financial resilience. She was named by the Digital Hall of Fame as one of the 20 people who had achieved great things in Britain using digital.

Helen as a real tech evangelist thinks that technology has huge benefits for people's lives and can be transformative. Her career has been around, digital, education and helping people to learn new skills and she is passionate about giving a second-chance to adults with learning.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Helen explains where her passion for Digital Inclusion come from and why she had always been driven to achieve impact and been ambitious but for the greater good. She also shed some light on the overlap between digital and social exclusion.

She explains how she marries big picture thinking with being very practical and why we need a laser focus to get things done. Being so driven to achieve her mission meant that Helen struggled to fit it all into a working week and worked seven days a week for several years until she finally learnt the life-saving skills of delegation.

She also offers great advice to get paid more in a job you love and not undervalue yourself.

Determined to drive the movement of digital and social inclusion in the UK, her organisation is expanding in Australia and in Kenya, focusing on socially excluded people.

Having helped almost three million people with thousands of partners, Helen believes that we need to bring people in to help us achieve our goal rather than trying to do it alone!

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