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This bonus episode includes some highlights of the season 3 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, the show that empower you to redefine the life you want and live your best life now!

I really loved the Season 3 where I featured amazing women and men who are leading fabulous movements in Europe, in Africa, in US and across the world

  • Parminder Vir, former ceo of Tony Elumely foundation, shares how she rose as a girl from rural Penjab to lead the most ambitious African entrepreneurship in episode 22
  • Episode 29, Kwame Christian shares how his personal struggles earlier in life with difficult conversations led him to study psychology, human behavior and wants to start a revolution of confident communicators
  • Episode 30, Hildy Gotlieb the co-founder at Creating the Future, who justly said that we don’t necessarily have to build a new movement, but we can all be part of one that already exists.
  • Dr Bruce Lloyd in episode 27 gave us great food for thought to create a better future through more wisdom.
  • Francesca Uriri, head of communication at Uber for East and West Africa, episode 31 - Leading Ladies Africa wants showcase the diversity of women in Africa to bring to the forefront not just the elite.
  • Hodan Nalayeh in episode 23, changed the identity of her Nation, Somalia, through Storytelling. Sadly, she was killed whilst doing what she loved, reporting on positive stories. Her message: ‘Never give up on your dream’.

Many other guests also shared their experience and perspective in this season 3, and see leading a movement or being part of one that you care about as a key component of living a meaningful life.

Go and listen or re-listen to all these episodes of the Season 3 but also the seasons 1 and 2 whilst I am taking a break for the summer to recharge my battery. I will be back in Autumn with a brand-new season 4 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life.

The show notes are available at https://www.francinebeleyi.com/podcast/

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