#34 Exploring and Fostering the Best of Your Humanity with Dr Michael F. Steger


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“It's a gift when work is so meaningful that you'd do it for free. And that's also a problem,” says, Dr Michael F. Steger, my guest in today’s episode. Michael is a Psychology Professor, Author, Speaker, Director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose. He is a recognized authority on meaning in life, purpose, happiness, psychological strengths, and positive psychology. His research interests center on understanding how people create a life worth living and seeking ways to help people flourish and achieve well-being.

In our fascinating conversation, Michael talks about:

  • His love for research and finding out why are we here on this planet – how we are going to be here and how we think about how we are here
  • Two types of people: those who are questioners like himself and are always questioning and searching and other people who are more comfortable with certainty
  • Why meaningful work is probably more demanding than meaningless one
  • Why ultimately it comes down to what we're going to do with our lives
  • The complex nature of selfishness vs giving
  • How he struggles with attention span and distraction
  • Why he rather wants to be living his values right now than be remembered for something when he is no longer here
  • And much more

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