#37 Get Out of The Ordinary with Marie Ruzicka


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Today I am continuing with the Wealth Dynamics series introduced last week in the episode 36 by featuring the first of the 8 Wealth profiles: The Creator profile.

Marie Ruzicka is an International Transformational Leader and Best-selling Author, host of the Catalyst for Joy and creator of the Magikal Land of [Awe]some Podcast. We had a typical ‘creator’ conversation, with a lot of inspiration and out of the box thinking.

In this conversation you will find out:

  • How discovering her Wealth Dynamics profile changed Marie’s life and led her to decide to leave her corporate job to travel the world
  • How her childhood desire to make a quick impact is manifesting today
  • How she is helping people creating their future vision and reverse engineer it to now
  • How she uncovers limiting beliefs that hold people back by using a modality called PsychK
  • How falling down a flight of stairs and being out of work was her wakeup call
  • Why she wants to create a movement for magic and joy.
  • And much more

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