#46 Building Resiliency: Learn How to Bounce Back with Michael H. Ballard


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Are you facing so much adversity and can’t see any way out of your circumstances?

My guest in today’s episode 46 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Michael Ballard, President and CEO of Resiliency for Life. Michael helps individuals, schools, communities, and businesses to learn how to prepare for, deal with, and recover from adversity.

Michael has been through it all. He battled two cancers for 7 years, had a near-death experience, and had the devastating experience of watching his daughter fight a brain tumor.

In this conversation we talk about resilience, the skill that helped him and his daughter thrive in those difficult times. He shares practical ideas to building resiliency, as well as how he coached his daughter through her successful fight with cancer. Michael also shares tips about mastering calmness.

Listen to this poignant episode to find out why Michael is passionate about leading the situational mental health movement.

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