#47 The Power of Narrative: Owning Your Own Story with Mimi Kalinda


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Are you struggling to be your authentic self and not being like someone else?

My guest in today’s episode 47 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Mimi Kalinda, is the co-founder of Africa Communications Media Group. Mimi is passionate about giving Africans a voice to counter the stereotypical image people all over the world have of Africa and Africans.

She joins me in this episode to discuss the power of narrative and reveals the power of storytelling and why we need to own our story. Mimi also shares key lessons she has learned around how to have the most impact in the time we have on earth to make a difference and how to conquer the fear of taking risks with our dreams.

Listen to this inspiring episode to find out why Mimi is so passionate about being part of the narrative movement.

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