#55 How to Follow the Flow of Energy to Achieve Your Goals in Tough Times


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Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you try, you are still stuck in inertia and can't get anything moving?

Welcome to this new episode of MWML podcast. Last week I explained how to make sense of the situation we are all finding ourselves in with the Coronavirus and understand the 5 stages of change to get prepared to what is coming ahead.

In today's episode, I am bringing you some practical ways to manage your time by adopting the rhythm of nature to achieve your goals with less resistance.

During this time where we are all confined at home, it's going to be very important to stay motivated during the long waiting phase and have some rhythm to remain productive.

Even before this lockdown, we have all experienced times when nothing seemed to be moving as we wanted. The more we tried hard and continued doing more of what we did to get out of the inertia, the more we dug deeper and couldn't find a way to get out of this apathy.

It turns out that understanding how energy works and how flow happens can help us tremendously to get unstuck and start moving things again.

In this episode, I cover the 5 types of energies available, how to use them to experience flow in our life, and how to apply the same principles in our daily life to boost our productivity.

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The season 6 of the show is coming next time with amazing guests and a focus on how to make the most of the online work. You'll learn how health experts, online marketing gurus, educators, business people, psychologists and more are making the most of the online world to have a more significant impact.

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