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We go meta on the 100th episode of the Esports Minute and bring you behind the scenes of Esportz Network. Our website has officially launched and promises to be one of the best sites for esports news across the world. We have a comprehensive event schedule and are hosting amatuer tournaments for our readers.

If you are an esports reporter, we are looking to take away the painful process of pitching. I'm a writer myself with over 600 articles published across a variety of esports sites and I worked closely with the rest of the Esportz Network team to make our site as welcoming for writers as possible. We've created a dashboard that any one can sign up to join, there you will find articles we are looking for which are available to claim, as well as a way to pitch unique stories to our editors. Once a story is picked up, you write it, our editors make any necessary changes and the writer gets paid in less than 24 hours. Our rates are higher than industry standard in my experience and we are offering an additional bonus for the first group of writers who sign up and have three artcles published. You can sign up using this link:

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