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Brian Rosenthal (@brianmrosenthal) is proof that outstanding local journalism can get you places. *THE* place in fact - The New York Times. Brian walks us through the story that got him there, a bombshell of a report on how the state of Texas systematically denied special education to 250,000 children. That story was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and landed him at the Times. He's also the star of Episode 2 of Hulu/FX's The Weekly and he tells us how was first put onto that story. Hint: It involves Michael Cohen.

He discusses growing up as a twin in Indiana (3:40), going to Northwestern where we met (8:27), his long string of journalism internships (15:47), choosing to work at The Seattle Times over The Washington Post (22:53), moving to The Houston Chronicle (27:56), how he got onto and landed his big special education story (29:17), how that story blew up and got him to the NYT (44:03), his story on speculation and abuse of the taxi medallion system in New York (52:33), and job advice for young journalists (1:02:47). And we pick his brain in the lightening round (1:07:21).

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