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Unlike many professional golfers who start practicing and playing at a very young age, Matt Wallace didn’t take it seriously until later in life. He is a four-time European Tour winner who went from being ranked 1200 in the world to the top 25. What are Matt’s keys to success? Intense drive, hunger, and desire for excellence.

Tiger Parents vs PE Teachers: Matt’s parents gave him the opportunity to try everything
Diverse Interest: Tempered aspirations because he knew others played golf better
Instruction History: Stepping stones of hand/eye coordination from Cricket and other sports
Technical Side vs. Mental Strength: Matt’s golf wasn’t great but he strived for success
Grass is greener? After moving to America to play college golf, Matt returned to England
Reaction to Challenge: Turning point in Matt’s career was a change in his technique
Relatable Road Map: Different coaching approaches produce results
Competition: Worry about your own game, they’re not here to watch you
Pinch Me Moment: Astounding scoring average and win %
Get it in Gear: Winning is a skill that requires learning
Advice to Aspiring Players:
Surround yourself with support system
Be positive, confident, and aggressive
Practice and put yourself under pressure
Mindset: Adjust goals when things aren’t going as planned
What does ‘Best Matt’ look like?

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“My parents were amazing. They never forced me to do anything, just gave me the opportunity to try everything.”
“I had that mentality of ‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to win.’”
“I wanted to be around people who would make me better.”
Sunday was always golf. No matter what.
Swing Thoughts: Start loving your own swing and your own game.

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