30: "We may not always crucible, but when we do...." Guest: RealSoccerrogi is our man


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RealSoccerrogi joins us this week to discuss the state of the crucible in Destiny since Shadowkeep has dropped. We start with his history in gaming and his connection, and ours, that we have with the Destiny Reset Podcast and discord. We talk a little about what we are working on the game. We then go into our discussion about the new stuff in crucible. Starting with tips on the different selections on the director, to working on the new ritual weapons, and what the current meta seems to be. We then talk about the new heavy ammo changes and conclude with info on the new maps.

RealSoccerrogi can be found in our Discord and online at:

twitter: @soccerrogi

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoeJBOxurtjf3ysLW80exMw

psn: RealSoccerrogi

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