174: Connecting To Your Essential Self w/ Carla Royal


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Welcome to The Decoding Success Podcast for episode 174.

Today, we're talking to our friend Carla Royal about coming home to your true, authentic, essential self, connecting with your emotions, looking at the stories you tell yourself, embracing the roller coaster of life, and much more.


Carla grew up in an anxious and stressed-out family. They were all miserable on the inside but looked good on the outside. Her path became about breaking through her patterns of hidden anxiety and then helping others do the same. She discovered through her own personal journey and by working with hundreds of clients, first as a psychotherapist and then later as a master coach, that a healthy and clear mind creates a healthy and fulfilling life, better work performance, and richer relationships. When you quiet your insecure or anxious thinking and an overactive imagination, even temporarily, you are able to access your inner wisdom, resourcefulness, and wellbeing. Carla is a licensed psychotherapist and is currently changing world leaders as a master coach.

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