S2:E5 Rob Wilfong - The Quarantine Chronicles


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Rob Wilfong is a Cincinnati funnyman who has spent the last several years traveling throughout the Midwest working in bars, lodge shows, theaters, and clubs crafting a comedy act that is pleasantly different from anything in the comedy industry today. Rob’s act has been described as “hilariously vaudevillian-like“. High energy antics and quick hits are trademarks of this experienced character-based comic. Welcome to The Egos Last Stand podcast. The show is a collaboration of writers and comedians. This is a podcast consisting of interviews with touring comedians. Some you may know, some you may not know. But if you are a fan of stand up comedy this is a great place to watch some of the best comedians out there and learn more about them. Get involved! Support! We will even be doing live streams so you can interact with some of these guys! We look forward to bringing you some great interviews!

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