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Stand up comedy was something I wanted to try for a long time. I put it of for the better part of a decade and finally signed up for an open mic in 2004 at The Comedy Caravan in my hometown, Louisville, Ky. I did 3 minutes and some of it worked. I experience and intense natural high that I continue to chase every time I do a show. My second time on stage was an open mic at bar in front of mostly comedians. None of it worked and I experience a natural low that I continue to avoid to this very day.

I’ve been very lucky to have worked a wide variety of stand up shows and to have opened for some of the absolute best stand up comics in the world: Bert Kreischer, Greg Fitzsimmons, Kyle Kinane, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and recently I’ve been opening for Joey Diaz (The Church of What’s Happening Now/Joe Rogan Experience) when he performs in the Midwest/South

I’m a regular performer at what I consider my two home clubs: The Caravan (Louisville) and Comedy Off Broadway(Lexington)

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