Tonys Show 12-13-2019


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Tonys show 12-13-2019

Brand new Bitchute vid -- these will be the R & D I do to give everyone ideas

the alternative to the alternative on the YT

alternatives to the alternatives

Bryan 396 his data and research on nano bio engineering and more

Bryan 396 photogallery on nano

Aroyomak YT sharing site

Skynet hive mind

“Whether conducting health care research or reading about it, make sure to consider what you don’t see in the data and analyses.”

Clinical research might be swooning over machine learning and AI, but it’s important not to take the results at face value, argues Sherri Rose at Harvard Medical School. (STAT)

Machine deep learning for clinical decision --be aware of what you do no see

Inactivaed Probiotics has health benefits

Even dead probiotic maybe effective against inflammation

Pharma drugs impact intestinal flora


Multi walled carbon nanotubes ( MWCNT ) causes oxidative stress and genotoxicity on mice study

3D printed Bunny contain DNA to replicate it self -the dangers of self repair sellf assembling and self replicating of nanobio programming

African Girl goes sterile after Tetanus vaccine

New bitchute---share

alot here and alot was said---so look at what is said about observaton and not getting into a 3rd generation recycle and boom back to square one

Lots more


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