The Setagaya Murders (Revisited)


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On the evening of December 30th, 2000, a family home in Tokyo's Setagaya district would become a house of horrors.
Mikio and Yasuko Miyazawa had moved to the home more than 10 years prior, back in 1990, and decided to start their family there. In the years since, they had introduced a daughter (Niina) and a son (Rei) to the world, and comfortably lived next door to some of Yasuko's family members.
But it was on the morning of New Years Eve 2000 that Yasuko's mother would attempt to reach the family. First my phone, and then at the couple's front door. When she entered the home using her key, she was unprepared to find the carnage that awaited her...
I originally covered the Miyazawa's story back in 2016. This is a re-recording of that original episode, along with some new edits and added information.
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