Kamikaze Bears And Economic Fallout


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In this episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle talk about the biggest stories of the week like the invasion of murder hornets, how a 30 second clip is dividing people, and the “if-it-just-saves-one-life” crowd supporting perpetual lockdown. Kira Davis, editor-at-large of RedState joins Kyle and Ethan for a bit and then Dr. Robert P. Murphy arrives to explain what in the world is going on with the economy under lockdown and how Christians should think more like an economist.

In the subscriber portion, subscribers get to listen to Kyle and Ethan wax poetic on all the wonders of cheese with a G.K. Chesterton reading!

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Show Outline


Kyle’s vacation out of California rapidly descends into chaos as his car explodes and Ethan tries to one-up Kyle’s story.

Stuff That’s Good

Kyle likes the In-N-Out Animal Style Fries & secret menu and Ethan likes The Steeldrivers (Chris Stapleton years).

This News Is Weird

Florida lizard breaks world poop record, dies constipated

Man walks into Dunkin Donuts with no mask — or pants

'Darth Vader' enforces lockdown in Philippine village

World’s biggest 5G tower installed on Mount Everest using yaks to lug ‘controversial’ equipment up tracks

French encouraged to eat more cheese as act of patriotism

Stories of the Week

Story 1

Trump Retaliates Against Asian Murder Hornets With American Kamikaze Bears

  • Washington state is noticing a worrying new invasive species of Asian Giant Hornets called “Murder Hornets”

  • Are bears the deterrent we need to stop this unchecked aggression from the Far East lately?
  • What other options did Trump consider?

Story 2

Asking For Context Of Thirty Second Video Revealed To Be Racist Dog Whistle

  • Ahmaud Aubrey was followed in a truck in an alleged citizen’s arrest by two whites, a father and son.

  • When one of the men tried to use a shotgun to force the man to comply, an altercation occurred, in which Ahmaud was killed.

  • Everyone is forming an opinion based on 30 seconds of footage- which looks really bad- but does it provide all the relevant data we need to decide guilt? Is it okay to ask questions?

  • The struggle of even talking about this civilly and the frustration felt by all people

Story 3

'It's Worth It If It Saves Just One Life,' Says Woman Who Supports Abortion On Demand

  • Hypocrisy of the left on saving lives… trying to keep abortion clinics open and shutting everything else down

  • Obviously would have to shut down cities, get rid of cars, planes, subways…

  • As if a permanent lockdown on the economy won’t cost lives in the long run. Even now the UN is warning about 260 million marching to starvation worldwide as a result of the economy being shut down. What about those lives?

  • If we don’t get back to work and produce things, pretty soon we won’t be just watching netflix and ordering in pizza every night. Things will get bad for everyone.

  • Planned Parenthood’s bizarre tweet on Mother’s Day

Interview of the Week

Dr. Robert P Murphy joins Kyle and Ethan to help explain what in the world is going on with the economy. He breaks things down like Ethan is five and uses numerous lemonade stand analogies. We had some issues on the skype video quality.

Love Mail/Hate Mail

We talk about how we are a racist trash fire.

Paid-subscriber portion

Looking at Chesterton’s essay on cheese. Poets need to write more about cheese.

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