Scraps and Scrolls- Valar Rereadis AFFC 5


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Cersei's reign is here in full swing. And it is DAMN HILARIOUS. King's Landing empties, allies and swords are all but gone, the Small Council is at its smallest, and Cersei thinks its all fantastic. Today we have Cersei's happiest chapter of the book, Jaime realising his sister is becoming like someone else he once knew, while Asha makes a much-ignored great pitch prior to the Kingsmoot and Sam makes big, terrible discoveries on his own ship

Today we have:

- Sam II

- Jaime II

- Cersei IV

- Victarion I/ The Iron Captain

Jump onto the Isle to discuss the strength of Gilly and the growth of Sam, the sheer maths of the King's Landing losses, how nothing is ever Cersei's problem, and a lot of talk about Asha even when we're in Victarion's POV

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