030 - How to Improve Your Cash Flow and Prepare for the Next Economic Downturn - Ken Wentworth Interview


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Our guest today covers the three pillars of your business's financial success, how to improve your cash flow, and how to prepare yourself for the next economic downturn. Ken Wentworth (www.MrBizSolutions.com) is President of Wentworth Financial Partners where his company provides fractional CFO services to businesses. Ken has spent 20 years in a wide variety of senior finance and CFO positions in the banking world at Capital One and JPMorganChase and is the Host of the daily Mr. Biz Radio program on the DCN Internet Radio Network (http://DCNInternetRadioNetwork.com/dcnradio3/). In just half an hour, Ken shared quite a few extremely practial nuggets of information on the three pillars he strengthens each of his clients on: budget, cash flow, and pricing. He gets into specifics on each one, as well as two practical things you can do to get your business ready to not only survive, but thrive and benefit from the next economic downturn.

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