HEALTH: The Intersection of the Pandemic and Black Lives Matter | Lynnell Morris, LCSW


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Recorded June 17, 2020.Dr. O’Connell is joined by Lynnell Morris who is a licensed clinical social worker who works on the adult team. She has been with Kaiser Permanente for 30 years, with 22 of those years in the department of psychiatry in Vallejo.Questions from this episode include:Can you please tell us a bit more about your clinical background and also about your clinical practice?How have you seen the COVID pandemic affect physicians and staff?How are you seeing the physical, emotional, and financial stresses of the pandemic manifest in patients and caregivers?How are these stressors different than the stress, anxiety, and depression you would typically see prior to the pandemic?Your host is Dr. Ted O’Connell, family physician, educator, and author of numerous textbooks and peer-reviewed articles. He holds academic appointments at UCSF, UC Davis, and Drexel University's medical schools and also founded the Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano Community Medicine and Global Health Fellowship, the first program in the U.S. to formally combine both community medicine and global health. Follow Ted on Instagram (@tedoconnellmd) and Twitter (@tedoconnell)! Links for this episode: Cafe Colucci Submit Your Questions for the PodcastSend an email to or check out covidpodcast.comWhat Can You Do? You can help spread commonsense about COVID-19 by supporting this podcast. Hit subscribe, leave a positive review, and share it with your friends especially on social media. We can each do our part to ensure that scientifically accurate information about the pandemic spreads faster than rumors or fears. Remember to be vigilant, but remain calm. For the most trusted and real time information on COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, both the CDC and WHO have dedicated web pages to keep the public informed. The information presented in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Producers: Madison Linden and Christopher Breitigan. Executive Producer: Patrick C. Beeman, MD

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