S04 : Ep. 7 : Advanced Robotics within Advanced Manufacturing with Dr Cori Stewart


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Robotics! How about Advanced Robotics? One of the leading technologies and tools within industry 4.0 and 5.0, specially within advanced manufacturing. In this episode, we feature one of the leading minds in this field Dr Cori Stewart (CEO & Founder of the ARM Hub) alongside our host to unwrap the details of advanced robotics. Cori talks tech with detailed answers to questions such as: What technologies are being used to transform manufacturers? AI, cobotics, robotics, design-led manufacturing, AR/VR, IoT, Cyber, Bigdata etc. as well as what technologies are coming in the near future. How does this industry compare to its evolution in the past 20-50 years? What about job losses due to automation? How has it evolved career paths and moving on to industry 5.0 technologies such as 5G telecommunications? Cori humbly follows on to sharing valuable advice for students, teachers, schools, universities and anyone interested in entering this Tony Stark-esque industry as well as what is takes to succeed alongside STEaM skills. Tune into this (video - YouTube) episode to learn the latest technologies within industry and advanced manufacturing.

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