085 | Gemini Solar Eclipse: Duets and Doublewide Hair!


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April and Jen celebrate their favorite songs from 1985, and the Big Sky Astrology website turns 21! A Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10 includes a Sun/Mercury conjunction, Sun/Neptune square, AND a looming Saturn/Uranus aspect to make things super lively. Also: How do you say Uranus? And Mars enters Leeeooooooo! Plus: Cowboy bars, cazimi, and the Great Gazoo!

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00:30 - Perms we’ve known and loved, plus our top songs from 1985! Jen rocks to Tina Turner’s “Better Be Good to Me” and Bonnie Raitt and John Prine’s duet of his magical “Angel from Montgomery.” (April recalls another duet of this song from her misspent youth, singing in cowboy bars.) April adds “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, and A-ha’s “Take on Me.” Hear all our 80s picks here: https://bit.ly/3fHbbKY. We post our episodes on YouTube as well: https://bit.ly/3uQtlPR.

06:13 - Big Sky Astrology turns 21 on the day of the Solar Eclipse, June 10! Here's what it looked like back in 2001.

08:23 - *MOONWATCH * Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 19.47 Gemini (June 10). The eclipse is at the Moon’s North Node, so its awakenings move us in the direction of growth, curiosity, learning, and open-mindedness! Is it visible where you are? Check here: https://bit.ly/3cg1YII

09:49 - The Sun and Moon conjoin Mercury retrograde, so look to the past for lessons learned or unfinished. Expect visitations from the past, if only in memory, possibly from previous years in this eclipse cycle: June 1983, June 2002, Dec. 1992, and Dec. 2011. Look to the Gemini house(s) of your birth chart and any planets between 16-24° of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, to see where you’ll be affected.

13:10 - Order April’s Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse Report (https://bit.ly/2QFU6bE)!

14:05 - Saturn/Uranus approach the second of three squares next week. This is a year-long arc of tension between laws and liberty, playing by the rules and breaking them. We discussed the first square (Feb. 17) in Ep. 69: https://bit.ly/3z5d2lJ.

14:59 - Sun conjunct Mercury, also June 10. Jen breaks down this inferior conjunction (https://bit.ly/3pu010E), prompting a musical interlude and evoking memories of a 1960s cartoon character: https://bit.ly/2Se1zzr

16:05 - Mars enters LEEEEoooo! on June 11. It will meet some testy aspects here; expect frustration and short tempers, but conflict is usually short-lived with Mars in fire signs. It will be at its strongest between July 22, when the Sun enters Leo, and July 29, when Mars enters Virgo and your hosts have their fit and feisty Mars returns!

18:54 - Venus sextiles Uranus on June 12. Homebody Venus in Cancer is invited to venture out for a change of scenery, and relationships could get a little perking up. Plus: How do you pronounce Uranus?

20:45 - The Sun squares Neptune (June 13) and is reminded to be aware of others’ feelings and needs. Physical energy could be low. Pay attention to your body; slow down when needed. This square also influences Mars in Leo. New ideas or projects can suddenly run into unexpected issues, confusion, and/or communication issues.

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