Brad Stulberg on Peak Performance


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I talk to Brad Stulberg, writer and coach, of health & wellness in the context of high performance. We talk about his books, Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox, how to take a pro-active approach to health and performance, and also what managers can do to cultivate a culture of health within their organisation. We go through all the fads and folk advice about what is allegedly “healthy” and boil it down to just the facts.

[00:00:00] Brad’s journey into health & performance

[00:01:00] Peak Performance

[00:02:00] Three principles to avoid burnout

[00:03:00] The growth equation

[00:04:00] Physical and mental stress

[00:05:00] Acute vs chronic stress

[00:06:00] Incorporating spaced rest into routines

[00:07:00] Types of rest

[00:08:00] Avoiding tunnel vision

[00:09:00] Flow states

[00:10:00] Benefit of routines

[00:11:00] Custom routines for different people

[00:12:00] Layering types of stress

[00:13:00] The importance of “the basics”

[00:14:00] Avoiding bogus quick fixes

[00:15:00] Workplaces promoting a culture of health

[00:16:00] Performance benefits of a healthy workplace

[00:17:00] Using wearable tech

[00:18:00] Learning to form healthy habits

[00:19:00] Social norms around preventative health

[00:20:00] Reflecting on values and meaning

[00:21:00] How to think about the “why”?

[00:22:00] The Passion Paradox

[00:23:00] Antifragile identity

[00:24:00] Managing for process over outcomes

[00:25:00] The Score Takes Care Of Itself

[00:26:00] Longevity and the growth equation

[00:27:00] Intermittent fasting

[00:28:00] Anti-inflammatory and low fat diets

[00:29:00] Paleo diets

[00:30:00] Optimal time off

[00:31:00] How to incorporate rest

[00:32:00] Drinking red wine

[00:33:00] The science of red wine

[00:34:00] Where to find Brad’s work and podcast

[00:35:00] Some practical tips to finish off

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