John Myers on London YIMBY


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I talk to John Myers from London YIMBY, about what makes a successful political movement, and on the UK government’s pro-housing announcements this week. We discuss why political movements work better if they are incremental and positive-sum, and why YIMBYs should care about beauty.

[00:00:00] Why Yimby?

[00:01:00] UK Government announcements

[00:02:00] Researching good policies

[00:03:00] Positive sum policies

[00:04:00] Talking to politicians

[00:05:00] Making streets look better

[00:06:00] Working with homeowners

[00:07:00] Building relationships with organisations

[00:08:00] Finding proposals

[00:09:00] Impact of solving NIMBY-ism

[00:10:00] Convincing politicians to want to reduce house prices

[00:11:00] London vs other cities

[00:12:00] Positive-sum solutions

[00:13:00] Winning on design

[00:14:00] Tokyo and density

[00:15:00] Consultants for designing beautiful housing

[00:16:00] Building on the green belt

[00:17:00] Building on brownfield sites

[00:18:00] Coronavirus and the urban environment

[00:19:00] Pedestrian-friendly cities

[00:20:00] Road pricing

[00:21:00] Pedestrianising cities

[00:22:00] University towns

[00:23:00] A recipe for successful YIMBYism

[00:24:00] Rent freeze in Berlin

[00:25:00] Property taxes in California

[00:26:00] Books on institutional economics

[00:27:00] Where to read more about YIMBY

[00:28:00] Where to focus campaigning effort

[00:29:00] Low-hanging fruit

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