Laura Westring on Scotland and speechwriting


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I talk to Laura Westring, a Scottish speechwriter who previously worked at the EU Commission — at the time the youngest speechwriter there. We talk about the future of Scotland and the EU, and also how the internet has changed communication.

[00:00:00] Laura Westring getting into politics

[00:01:00] The EU and Barack Obama

[00:02:00] Speechwriting

[00:03:00] The appeal of the EU

[00:04:00] Crises facing the EU

[00:05:00] Brexit referendum

[00:06:00] Coronabonds program

[00:07:00] European integration

[00:08:00] Centralization versus fragmentation?

[00:09:00] Small countries

[00:10:00] European court system

[00:11:00] Hard Brexit

[00:12:00] Rebuilding the economy after coronavirus

[00:13:00] Scotland handling coronavirus

[00:14:00] Scottish universities

[00:15:00] How to be a good speechwriter

[00:16:00] Strategic thinking

[00:17:00] Influences in speechwriting

[00:18:00] “A democratic art”

[00:19:00] Internet changing speechwriting

[00:20:00] Soundbite-driven politics

[00:21:00] Norms around political communication

[00:22:00] Media training for kids

[00:23:00] Rebuilding post-coronavirus

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