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Hello all! Apologies for the 1-month break, I’ve had a Vitamin D deficiency post-coronavirus that made it hard to think of good ideas to write. I’ve now recovered all of my previous mental energy, and I’m re-launching the newsletter with a new format.

The newsletter will now be once every 2 weeks, and have links to 3 in-depth articles and 2 podcasts. All of this is free content, intended to be smart and informative and communicate what I’m thinking about relating to tech and the economy.

For paid Substack subscribers, I’m finally launching the weekly video show, meant to be sort of more fun, where I talk about ideas and things I read online. The plan is to host the videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and link to them via Substack.

Clip Art - Weekly Video Show

The first episode is free, and I discuss Extinction Rebellion, industrial policy, and whether it’s possible to “live on the internet”. I tried a bunch of different video formats, and this one worked the best, and I’m hoping to add better production as time goes on.


I talk to Ruth Karpinski, researcher and psychotherapist, about her 'hyper brain, hyper body' thesis, physical and personality correlates of high intelligence, and how to make the most of sensitive and intelligent talent.

I talk to Zak Kukoff, who is currently works in venture capital, about financing of movies, storytelling, and the most fun job in Hollywood. I think this is one of the most “fun” podcasts I’ve done so far, and Zak has always had an infectious and deep interest in the movie industry and what we can learn from it.

The Software Canon

I have a blog post on how crypto and smart contracts can encode law as code, allowing for greater predictability and rationalisation of the law. It’s been difficult for crypto startups to avoid working with centralised institutions, but here’s a post on why it might still be a revolutionary technology anyway. Read More ->

Optimism in Action

I cover the phenomenon of tech people moving to smaller towns and cities, and speculate how they might change things. I also discuss Paul Roales, a twitter tech-optimist, who is running for Mountain View City Council. Read More ->

The Dominant Narrative

I review Emmanuel Macron’s book, Revolution, and discuss what this tells us about the future of politics. Is it really all going to be performative and narrative-driven? And is that such a bad thing? Read More ->

Just before I sign off, I’d like to plug the accelerator I’m running, aimed at crypto and smart contract startups that want to encode the real world as code. See you in 2 weeks!

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