Sharon Yam on Rhetoric and Hong Kong


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I talk to Sharon Yam, associate professor of writing and rhetoric at the University of Kentucky, originally from Hong Kong. We discuss the online protests, the situation in Hong Kong, and effective communication and media literacy for the digital age.

[00:00:00] What is rhetoric?

[00:01:00] Effective writing

[00:02:00] Stakeholders in writing

[00:03:00] Exigence and urgency

[00:04:00] Analysing text using stakeholders

[00:05:00] Statements from the CCP

[00:06:00] Hong Kong identity

[00:07:00] Tensions between Hong Kong and mainland

[00:08:00] National fragmentation

[00:09:00] What is citizenship?

[00:10:00] Books on digital communication

[00:11:00] Reddit and Telegram

[00:12:00] Organising and sponsoring

[00:13:00] Hong Kong diaspora reaction to security law

[00:14:00] British National Overseas path to citizenship

[00:15:00] Moving to Taiwan vs the UK

[00:16:00] The revolt of the public

[00:17:00] Media literacy training that works

[00:18:00] Philippines free speech law

[00:19:00] Transnational activism

[00:20:00] Activist exchanges

[00:21:00] The future for Hong Kong

[00:22:00] Failure of international institutions

[00:23:00] Corporations supporting China

[00:24:00] End

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