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Get a slice of the pie, but don't take a slice of mine is a scarcity mindset that holds many people back from living a life of true abundance. If this makes no sense to you, let's talk it out. Get in involved in the conversation.

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Today’s guest is Joel (pronounced Joe-EL) Louis, founder and CEO of Integrator and Co., a digital marketing agency that helps experts reach more people, scale their business and increase online sales. Joel and his team specialize in funnel strategy, funnel design, funnel repair, and funnel building. In addition to generating millions of dollars and thousands of leads for his clients, Joel is a father of three and is passionate about the intersection of fatherhood and entrepreneurship.

In 2014, Joel Louis decided to merge his love of fatherhood and entrepreneurship into a movement called Startup Dad Headquarters. Through this project, he interviewed over 140 successful entrepreneur dads in order to find the secret formula to building a 6 figure business without losing your family in the process. In 2016, Joel took everything he learned and launched a full-service webinar production agency, which would eventually become Integrator and Co. Within 15 months, he had grown his agency to a 6 figure business with 3 employees. Today, Integrator and Co. is a premier digital marketing firm focusing primarily on designing, building, and repairing funnels for established entrepreneurs. Joel’s family is his WHY and the reason he enjoys being an entrepreneur who has the ability to create the life he wants for his family. Joel lives in the Greater Boston Area and enjoys CrossFit, dancing, and spending time with his three lovely daughters and his wife Koleen.

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