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Have you heard the saying "Your network is your net-worth"? It is a true statement. But don't just take that statement as a dollar figure. It's so much more than the monetary value. And when you can connect others, you're greatly increasing your ROI. Again, not just money.

Meet our Feature Guest

Neal Sperling is the Founder and CEO of a global business strategic advisory service that has advised start-ups, mid-cap companies, non-profits, to very high net worth individuals.

Neal has strategized and helped clients to solve often extremely complex and difficult business challenges, and then connected them to individuals who have changed their lives for the better, and has even helped them to fulfill their unique life's purpose; hence, he's been called a "World Class Problem Solver" and a “World Class Connector.”

At last count, Neal has connected with over 55 billionaires, the President of the United States, U.S. Vice-President, various heads of state, prime ministers, a five star military general, governors, mayors, Academy Award-winning actors, directors, producers and 15 Nobel Laureates (inclusive of 9 Nobel Peace Prize Winners.)

Recently, Neal developed a series of masterminds to reveal a number of relatively simple techniques that can help anyone to think more abundantly, more efficiently, and more successfully to become super competitive . "Supercreativity" aims to teach anyone how to break down, understand, and replicate the thinking processes, pathways, and approaches consistently used by history's most innovative, successful thinkers – from DaVinci, Edison, Einstein, Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Steve Jobs to Elon Musk.

The variety of approaches to innovation and problem-solving Neal has made it his business to research, study, and replicate can help those facing common challenges in their everyday business, professional, and even personal lives to more efficiently identify and resolve problems, uplevel their thinking skills and abilities, achieve greater confidence, and ultimately leapfrog ahead of virtually any competitor by looking at most any future challenge faced through the above "expanded eyes of genius."

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