Munchausen Syndrome by Phantom Thread


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This week on The Pod Charles Cinecast, presented by The Prince Charles Cinema, our hosts Jonathan Foster and Fil Freitas travel back to the haute couture world of 1950's London and see about a renowned dressmaker, who takes his work a little too seriously in Paul Thomas Anderson's 8th feature PHANTOM THREAD!

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis in his swan song performance and the woman of a thousand faces Vickey Krieps, Phantom Thread is Paul Thomas Anderson's low-key quintessential rom-com. The film is full of scathing one-liners, dished out in cold-blooded savagery that nearly makes its literal dishes of poisonous mushrooms seem palatable.

Tune in to see what our hosts think of this final entry from PTA in our current arc of Anderson vs Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis's final performance of his storied career...

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