Living a Balanced Life without Sacrificing Success With Nathan Sanel


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Nate Sanel is an entrepreneur who has built the largest bike reseller in the US National PowerSports . Nate dropped out of College and started at the family business. He left the family business with nothing and built a very successful business without his ego. Often folks who build a company become imprisoned by it, Nate was conscious enough early on to modify his approach to ensure this would not happen. This episode goes specifically into the mindset he needed to pull this off with clues in how you can also.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Learning from strained family relationships in the business
  • Going from college dropout to successful business owner
  • How to develop your own natural leadership abilities in unconventional ways
  • The biggest misconception about what it means to be a leader
  • Why meditation is often difficult for high achievers, but why it is important
  • The mindset and philosophy of freedom necessary to own a business that doesn’t own you
  • The prison that many entrepreneurs create for themselves and how to avoid it
  • The building blocks to a centered life
  • Training your mind to recognize when you are out of alignment
  • How Nate solves problems in the business when he is not working
  • Working with the God ( or the Universe) to grow our lives and businesses
  • Integrating your core values
  • The key ingredient in building a business that resonates with people
  • How the current culture of fear is pushing people to their breaking point and the silver lining






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