Working Less Without Sacrificing Having More


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Chris Yonker, a world leading expert in Vision creation takes some time to delve into what this past year or more has done to how we think about work and our lives. What paradigms have we created that are holding us back and telling us stories that aren’t real? Chris’s experience with companies of all sizes has given countless clients the opportunity to reach a clarity they had never imagined. Take the time to listen and more importantly to think about the questions Chris poses. The questions are thought provoking, worthy of exploration and can only lead to greater awareness of where you are and where you want to be

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why stepping back from our lives and taking another view may be telling
  • How our investment in time and energy is not renewable
  • What does it meant to build a life by design
  • How a shift in your world can may make you look and live your life better
  • How do you align your life with your values and establish boundaries
  • Two questions to ask yourself that most people never do
  • What is the story you have to justify your decisions
  • What is purpose tied to and how do you find yours
  • How your core values have an impact on your life
  • What does it look like to assess your “day” and make adjustments


Chris Yonker is a father, husband, martial artist, and world-leading resource for high achievers. Family has always been a top priority for Chris and he knew early on that he wanted to be the creator of his life. By building a business that worked for him, Chris has been able to create amazing experiences with his family, and has helped others do the same.

With over twenty -five years working at 3M leading teams in sales and driving change , coupled with ten years in the consulting arena specializing in Conscious Leadership. His alchemy helps clients move beyond the illusions that are hindering this self-realization and allows them to take quantum leaps in their transformation.

Chris and his team work with family businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. As a seventh-

degree black belt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and thought-leader on Personal

Performance, Chris has created a one-of-a-kind methodology that helps clients achieve extraordinary

results that become permanent.

Many of Chris’s clients say the process of working with him leads to profound healing, deep peace, better

relationships, and higher levels of happiness in their lives.


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