Introducing Taking Chances with Vanessa and Noelle


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Finding people you can be yourself with can be really hard, whether you're looking for a romantic relationship, a study buddy, or someone to go to basketball games or have a beer with.

Sisters Vanessa and Noelle Lipschutz are Seattleites who moved to LA not long before COVID struck, and they know how lonely it can be trying to make connections in a new place. It's hard enough in normal times; it's nearly impossible during a lockdown.

Traditional ways of meeting others were out, thanks to COVID, and the standard "dating" apps just didn't work for these Gen Z sibs. They created the Chances app for young adults like themselves who are looking for genuine connections.

In this podcast, Vanessa and Noelle will explore all kinds of relationships, from romantic to friends, to all the in-betweens. They'll share their ridiculous stories (ever told someone you just met that you're gassy? Oh yeah. Noelle's been there), and if you give them a shout on Instagram, they might share yours too.

Find out how to make great connections and step outside your comfort zone.

Are you ready to take a chance with us?

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