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Sisters Vanessa and Noelle are inviting you to take a chance with them!

If you've ever moved to a new town, traded high school for college, or started a new job, you know what it's like to feel intimidated and out of place. Starting over is rough, especially when you don't know anyone.

But what a difference a friend makes, right? Connecting with someone is a shot of instant courage and makes even that awkward newness feel fun and exciting.

So if you ever feel lonely or out of place (or even if you don't!) well, you've got friends. Join Vanessa and Noelle every two weeks for tips on how to make genuine connections with others, ideas for things to do on a date or when you're just hanging out, and lots of laughs.

And be sure to connect with them on Instagram @thechancesapp and download their social relationship app Chances!

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