What are your intentions?


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Let us paint you a picture: someone you have a crush on says, "I like you" and walks away.

What do you do?

Do you.... A. Assume you are now a "thing" and start planning a romantic getaway? B. Call your best friend and talk for hours about your crush's exact words, tone of voice, expression, body language, and posture and what they all might mean? C. Assume you're firmly in "the friend zone" and plow through several pints of Ben & Jerry's in despair?

Yeah, not knowing your crush's intentions toward you can be a kind of emotional torture.

And it's not just romantic relationships! Maybe you want to be friends with that cool person you work with, but you're not sure they feel the same. Or know you exist.

Sisters Vanessa and Noelle have been there! Hear the hilarious story of the #chopstick, and find out how they're helping others get to genuine connections faster and with a few less pints of ice cream.

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