Being a CEO and a Mom of 4


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Tiffany Sauder is the CEO of Element Three and a mother to four daughters. Tiffany shares that her background in business and finance was unusual in the marketing space, but that is what set her and her firm apart from other agencies. She details the early savage days and how she really dove headfirst into learning the marketing space so she could determine the differentiating factor, and really maximize that difference.

“I started to see that the fact that I had a business background was really unique. Most business owners had come from the art side or they were writer, or they had been journalists. They came really from the industry background and had to learn the business. I came at this totally different and that I understand business and what we’re trying to help people do is win in their business. We’re not just trying to create work that wins awards... I started to see the thing that we could compete on is our business acumen and the way that we took this thing of marketing that is wildly misunderstood by almost everybody who buys marketing.” -Tiffany Sauder

Tiffany has great insight on what it looks like to be a leader of a team, and the importance of humility and transparency, both as a leader and in relationships with clients. We talk about how this has shaped her personal journey and that of Element Three, as well as how those traits have played a role in moving her team through the covid pandemic. We also discuss the balancing act of being a CEO and a parent, and what it looks like to do both.

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Topics in this episode:

  • The data and strategy of marketing
  • What “savage” looked like in the early days
  • Where most of your time is spent in the first five years as a business
  • How she learned the landscape of the marketing industry
  • The difference in time spent in the early years versus now
  • What it looked like to pitch to clients in the early days
  • Shedding the expectation of perfection
  • Navigating your team through a crisis
  • How Element Three maintains and lives out the values they instilled in the company culture

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