Episode 44: A New Reformation with Phil Drysdale


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All the way from Manchester, England, Phil Drysdale joins us for an in depth conversation about his spiritual journey, his intense study of the current deconstruction moment that we're in, how this new reformation started, and where it's headed. Phil Drysdale helps people who are in the process of losing their faith and hopefully helps them discover something much more beautiful to believe in. He founded The Deconstruction Network, a site dedicated to both helping those deconstructing their faith find like minded people to connect with and conducting research on the deconstruction movement. When he's not travelling to meet with and support groups around the world, he's usually found on Instagram chatting with people. Phil is the host of The Phil Drysdale Show which is available wherever you listen to podcasts and on Youtube. You can follow Phil on Facebook. Check out Phil's website. Check out The Grace Course here. You can subscribe to his podcast here and his Youtube channel here. Finally, you can connect with The Deconstruction Network. There's still time to register for Nomad 2020! Thanks so much for listening! Please consider supporting this podcast on Patreon. Have a great week! Jason

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