032 - The ROI of SEO


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Calculating for the Return of Investment in SEO is much more complicated than computing for your annual financial statements. You have to consider several attributes like conversions and the timing element. It is measured over a long-term period; it is a long-term strategy unlike in regular financial statements where it is computed on an annual basis.

The numbers are in ranges, on average, and as such, it is really important to know what part of SEO plays an important role in measuring your conversions and ROI. Knowing your numbers is the key!

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:39 Introduction of the topic

01:07 How do we calculate the Return of Investment in SEO and make sure you have the right numbers?

01:30 What is an important source of information in order to measure your conversion and revenue?

03:25 Why is it difficult to measure ROI in SEO? (...What are the attributes you need to consider?)

06:09 End

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