235: George O’Brien on Growing Your Real Estate Portfolio By Starting Early


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If you’ve been thinking about making the plunge into real estate investing, then you’ll definitely want to hear the wisdom from today’s guest, George O’Brien. After 6 short years as a real estate investor, he’s already retired and is living life on his terms.

George got his start in residential real estate and smaller multifamily deals and then quickly pivoted to larger multifamily properties after closing on 40 deals in a two year period. With his background in construction, he was able to do a lot of the work himself early on until he was able to grow his team.

He attributes a lot of his success to investing in smaller deals, which allowed him to forge strong relationships with like-minded investors, and build trust with the banks and his community.

In this conversation, you’ll learn the steps George took to quickly grow his portfolio, how to invest in real estate no matter where it’s located, and why the best path to success is starting early!

Key Takeaways with George O’Brien

  • The importance of getting started early as a real estate investor. The sooner the better.
  • What it takes to successfully pivot from residential investing to multifamily properties.
  • Why it’s okay to focus on smaller investments and properties that are under 75 units and how these properties were the foundation for his portfolio.
  • Why George prefers the direct to seller route to find new deals.
  • For a successful partnership, align yourself with like-minded people.
  • The importance of doing your due diligence, especially when you’re making cold calls with people you’re not familiar with.
  • Always be ready to capitalize on deals and make sure that you have the resources ready to go so that you don’t risk ever losing a deal.
  • How to live where you want and invest where it makes sense.
  • Be wary of working with family and who you choose to partner with as it’s much harder to end a relationship then to start one.
  • How you can showcase your talents and attract outside investors.

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