The Dreamer's Manual


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Welcome to the Dreamer’s Manual podcast. The place where entrepreneurs learn to follow their dreams without sacrificing their inner peace. I'm Julie Calcote and I've made it my mission to help entrepreneurs get unstuck in their business and focus on shifts that build on their dreams, evolve in their journey, and bust limiting beliefs. Most of the time life doesn’t go as planned, and this podcast is your green-light to go ahead and throw that hard and fast 5-year plan out the window. Because your dreams will evolve as you grow - Sometimes in ways we never imagined! I'm the creator of the Hire, Hire Pants on Fire Course, online business manager, and a lifelong dreamer myself. And I created this podcast like your favorite streaming service - dropping new season’s throughout the year to give you deep dives on topics related to business, life, and entrepreneurship that will help you focus on your zone of genius and guide you from your dreams to your version of success. Listen and subscribe to get access to all the episodes to create your own visionary handbook- The Dreamer’s Manual.

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