34. Tuning in to Your Permission Giving Thoughts


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Permission giving thoughts come up to justify, rationalize and allow gambling to happen - even when part of you isn't so sure about it.

In this episode, learn how to notice your permission giving thoughts so you can slow things down and have more control of gambling choices.

A former gambler gives examples of her permission giving thoughts. Jackie Jankovic, a counsellor specializing in gambling problems, shares tips to help you notice and manage these thoughts.

Find out more about permission giving thoughts in the blog for this episode at www.gamblingproblemhelp.ca

The Centre for Gambling Research at the University of British Columbia is launching research on permission giving thoughts. To find out more, contact Raymond Wu at rwu@psych.ubc.ca

If you live in British Columbia and would like to access our free, confidential counselling and outreach services, connect with us online at Gambling Support BC or call 1-888-795-6111.

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