39. I'm a Parent of Someone With a Gambling Problem: How Do I Help?


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It's hard on parents and families when an adult son or daughter have a gambling problem.

In this episode of Fold em, a mother shares what she has learned as her son dealt with gambling addiction for the past seven years. Irene Tang, who has counselled families through gambling problems for twenty-five years, share strategies for moving forward.

Listen to learn:

  • how to respond to requests for financial help
  • what parents can do to support a young adult with a gambling problem
  • how parents can help prevent a gambling relapse
  • how parents and family can decrease their stress, anxiety, hurt and anger
  • supports and resources for parents and families impacted by gambling problems

Find more information and resources for parents and families impacted by compulsive gambling in the blog for this episode at www.gamblingproblemhelp.ca.

Help for family and spouses is available through Gam-Anon.

If you live in British Columbia, free, confidential counselling and outreach services are available to anyone with concerns about gambling, including spouses and family. Connect with us online at Gambling Support BC or call 1-888-795-6111.

If you would like to connect with us through Facebook or Instagram, find us at Fold em Podcast.

Fold em is funded by Gambling Support BC.

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