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Are you ready to have your reality well and truly wobbled? In Reality Poke, Cat Knott co-hosts this fun and mind opening podcast with her channeled collective The Crew - to offer a surprising new perspective on life, work, being human (and more than human) in these unique and interesting times. Each week Cat will question and ponder an issue that's prevalent in the lives of Visionaries, LightBringers, Creatives and Soul-Led Entrepreneurs, and then allows her connection to wisdom, energy, spirit and life to bring a new perspective forward to accelerate our expansion - by poking our reality. The Crew are an encouraging force, to live, breathe, teach, and expand - out loud - in these times when many of us have been called to our own truth as Light Bringers, and Soul-Led Warriors as never before! You can find out more at ( 'Take what resonates, leave what doesn't. The only thing that's real, is reality, until it's not.'

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