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It was time to discuss one of the most divisive words in the world.

But before Andy and James begin to discuss that, they spend sometime trying to find a common ground on gun control. Why does it happen? How it isn't a constitutional to take away assault rifles as that wasn't exactly what our forefathers had in mind when coming up with 2nd Amendment.

Andy and James transition to discussing the "N-word" and whether it is ever appropriate to use it based on your skin color or race. James also provides a story regarding a bus passenger and her inability to not use the word. Andy brings up the fact that growing up he was called a racial slur for being Mexican. James and Andy then discuss whether Redneck should be outlawed as well because technically its viewed by some as a racial slur.

They finish off with some news that was reported about Somerville High School, Martin County School and Jefferson County School district.


  • "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man" by Emmanuel Acho

police-at-somerville-high-school-students-speak-out/ “Somerville High School” white

staff says N-word.


concludes-investigation-into-racist-photo-taken-outside-school Martin County School

six students spell the N-Word


huckleberry-finn/?wpisrc=nl_cybersecurity202 Banned: Adventures of Huckleberry



under-investigation-by-jcps/ Male High School Teacher in Jefferson County Public School, Louisiville Ky

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